Carli Kite takes judges by storm at Ingham Show

Carli Kite: Three Peaches

THE Ingham Show consistently brings together works from a range of talented and budding young artists from around the Ingham region. While the Judges and guests were treated to a wide range of beautiful displays in the Art and Photography Section, it was the artwork from 16-year-old Carli Kite that had observers in awe.

Carli Kite is a Year 11 student at Gilroy Santa Maria College, with a flair for art and a keen eye for detail. She is the only Year 11 student currently enrolled in visual arts, so she has been fortunate to enjoy one-on-one classes with her Art Teacher, Andrew Hill.

During art lessons, Carli learnt to paint with a limited palette, using only red, blue, yellow, brown, and white, and rendering the light to make the colouring more convincing. This was the approach that she used for her Ingham Show art entry, “The Three Peaches”. She was inspired to attempt painting three peaches after watching a video, shown to her by Mr Hill, of three peaches being painted in this limited palette style. So, Carli did her research and found an image of three peaches on Pinterest that she liked, and, from there, she spent close to a week working studiously on the artwork.

Ann Vardanega, the Judge for the Art and Photography Sections at the Ingham Show, commented on how realistic and amazing the artwork looked.

“This type of painting I would expect from a Master of Art. All of us involved with the Show were amazed that a school student could paint this well and we joked that we thought it might have been accidentally submitted to the wrong section!” Ann said. 

Carli grew up with an interest in art after being inspired by her older sister, who also has a natural talent for art. 

“My older sister who is now in her late 20s is who inspired me the most. She is a great artist, and, from a young age, I was always watching what she was doing and was inspired to give it a go myself,” Carli said.

“When I was little, I started out drawing with crayons and when I was 12, I started after school art classes with Angie Vernados. I did this until the classes eventually stopped and I then carried on with my art in my own time.”

“I have a few artworks that I’m particularly proud of, but ‘The Three Peaches’ would have to be one of my favourites!”

While Carli enjoys exploring realism, she has also found herself enjoying impressionism and finding ways to push the boundaries to explore the two. She has already chosen her major for Year 12 next year, choosing to explore oil paintings. 

Carli is set to complete Year 12 at Gilroy Santa Maria College in 2022 and plans to then go on to study an Arts’ Degree. She is a talented young artist, with her career goal focused towards becoming an Art Director.

We wish Carli all the best with Year 12 next year and her promising future ahead as an artist!

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