Building approvals on the rise


Building approvals for new homes in the Cassowary Coast region are on the rise according to report presented at the Cassowary Coast Regional Council Meeting in May.

A total of 59 building approvals for new homes have been issued by Council this year to the end of April worth a total of $18,263,421.70.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Councillor and Planning and Regional Development portfolio holder Nick Pervan said that this is the first time in at least five years where new home building approvals have outperformed new shed building approvals.

“Although we are still are operating in a COVID influenced economy; these statistics are very encouraging for our region as a whole, the building industry is flat out and the region is seeing not only the short term but also the long term benefit.

“It’s not just your traditional developers who have taken advantage of Councils development incentives, there have been a number of mum and dads who have been sitting on these opportunities for a long time and these incentives have assisted them in bringing these blocks to the market, each new lot means a new house which creates jobs and helps to support existing businesses within our community.”

The overall trend for the year is demonstrated when the 2021 figures are compared with the number of overall approvals issued for the year to date (as at end of April), for the last five years:

April 2021 total approvals year to date – 59; April 2020 total approvals year to date – 24; April 2019 total approvals year to date – 24; April 2017 total approvals year to date – 31; April 2016 total approvals year to date – 29;

The steady rise has been attributed to a number of factors including State and Federal stimulus packages such as First Home Owners’ Grant, Regional Home Building Boost Grant and the Home Builder Grant as well as Councils own development incentive policies. There has also been an increase in migration from southern states which has fuelled the need for home housing stock.

Council’s development incentives have been critical in creating a pipeline of new lots and development opportunities within our priority infrastructure areas which have allowed the building grants to be taken up and a number of new homes being constructed.

The region will continue to see these long term benefits through the take up of significant existing capacity within our road, sewer and water networks as well as revitalisation of our older suburban areas and central business districts.

Council’s Development Incentive Scheme can be found by visiting www.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au/building-planning-investment/projects-incentives/development- incentive-scheme

Alternatively, for more information please contact the Cassowary Coast Regional Council on 1300 763 903 or via email enquiries@ccrc.qld.gov.au.

Photo Caption: Cr Nick Pervan.
Media contact 0417 721 754 | comms@ccrc.qld.gov.au

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