Being good in business


I was impressed with my partner today when he told me that making money and being successful is not something about which you should feel guilty. 

I hate greed and I always associate people that talk about making millions with people who have a selfish nature.

My partner corrected me and said that he does not like a person who makes money by mistreating people but that he celebrates people who have made money honestly. 

He talked about a friend who has never mistreated the people for whom he has done jobs. He never does ‘cheap’ work just to make as much money out of a dodgy job as he can.

This is a brilliant person whom everyone should support. 

People should not feel bad about being successful if they became a success by doing the best job they could possibly do, but they should feel bad if they became successful by hurting people on the way. 

It is important to remember that doing a good job is something for which we should be prepared to pay.

I do not like our current culture of buying cheap imports that do not last very long, when we should be backing, by buying, the brilliant work of Australians.

Historically, we knew that buying Australian made products meant that they would last. Now I look at products and can see that they are not going to endure.

If being ‘on trend’ means buying the next cheap thing that is not going to last, then I do not want to be ‘on trend.’

I want to go back to the days where we backed our own countrymen and women and purchased a better, Australian made product that lasted longer. 

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