Be a Local Business Worth Supporting


As I mentioned last week, I will be utilising my column to speak into community issues. The reason I want to address these concerns is that they are currently driving away people who have just started businesses in the community or stopping people from wanting to start businesses in our area.

The first concern I will address is “When people seek services from out of town, it is not because they don’t want to support local business.”

Please make sure you provide the kind of service that people want. I have been informed that when a service is not registered from GST, many people will go outside the district to find a business that does.

I have also heard that when a local business is known to provide a better service to “friends and family” than to a customer they do not personally know, then the potential customer will look outside of the area for the service. 

In a small town, word of mouth is how we sell our products, unlike in the cities where media marketing plays a more critical place. 

As a rural newspaper, I have to balance competing priorities and viewpoints. Some subscribers would like more stories to keep their local representatives more accountable, whilst others prefer seeing images of local people at different social and sporting events and they also want just one place they can go to find out who passed away. 

As a business owner, I must hear the heart of my community and ensure that my newspaper provides the information and services they seek. I will endeavour to improve the newspaper to ensure that it caters for all tastes.

Providing a product that people want is so important.

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