34th Innisfail Young Performers’ Competition ends on high note

Instrumental Championship (other than piano) Year 7 & over winners: Kalina Winiarksi, Albina Niceforo, and Sharnalyn Edwards. Photo: Maria Girgenti

ASPIRING speech, drama, and music students were recognised for their talents on stage and collected major awards on the final day of the Innisfail Young Performers’ Competition at the Con Theatre last Tuesday.

The Vocal Championship (Year 7 & over) was won by Rhianne Hansell, with Albina Niceforo second, and Lily Darveniza third.

Kalina Winiarski, on flute won the Instrumental Championship (other than Piano) Year 7 & over, with Albina Niceforo second (guitar), and Sharnalyn Edwards in third place (violin).

The Piano Championship Year 7 and over was won by Jean Pluschke, with Louisa Winiarski in second place, and Thomas Chen third.

First place awards: Valentina Brown, Zachary Scrivens, Jean Pluschke (2), Albina Niceforo (4), Michelle De Faveri (2), Prin Dela Pena, Paige McDonald (3), Thomas Chen, Cassandra Van De Burg, Seth Flannery, Goondi Trumpet Duet, Goondi Brass Quartet, Lily Letchford, Lara Madin (2), Ashlin and Tahlia, Daniel Anderson and Paul Hitchings, Isabelle Dunstan, Lily Darveniza, Delayna Lis, Kalina Winiarski (3), Louisa Winiarski (4), Brooke Murphy, WEB ensemble, TSHS Group 1, The Winiarski Girls, Jonathan Platz, and Sofia Winiarski (2),     

Second place awards: Mei Hartnett, Hana Shimizu, Jonathan Platz (2), Michelle De Faveri (2), Giacomo De Faveri, Kalina Winiarski, Lara Madin, Hannah Siegmann, Zhen Fapani-Cuthbertson, Tori Barton, Lila Pitman, Elijah Senior, Lynzey and Lila, Goondi Grade 4 String Trio, Halle Phipps, Prin Dela Pena, Ellie and Seisha, Paul Hitchings, Giacomo De Faveri, Rose Jordan, Louisa Winiarski (2), Sofia Winiarski (2), Lio and Mei Woodfield, Rhianne Hansell, Keilani Bale, Hana Gaugg, TSHS Jazz Combo, ISC Clarinet Duo, Addams Family, Sharnalyn Edwards, and Innisfail State College 1.      

Third place awards: Zara Lee, Kalina Winiarski (2), Lily Darveniza, Thomas Chen, Lila Wirth, Tori Barton, Sharnalyn Edwards, Kiara Brunker, Lacey Bowers, Giacomo De Faveri (2), Mourilyan Sax and Clarinet Duo, Innisfail East State School Drummers A, Esther Symes, Sahra Lis, Jesse and Halle, Daniel Anderson, Connor Worth, Alivia Herlihy, Lio Woodfield, Louisa Winiarski, Emily Starkey, Arienne Button, ISC Band 2, TSHS Duet 4, Sisters, Caitlin Hegarty, and Malanda State High School Trio 2.      


Joanna Chen, Michelle, De Faveri (2), Jonathan Platz, Delayna Lis, Sofia Winiarski, Tiarni O’Brien, Kiara Brunker (2), Lily Darveniza, Hannah Siegmann (2), Oscar Van Haaren, Piper and Tazmin, Renae and Lilly, Goondi Wind Trio, Goondi Grade 5 String Quartet, Bridie McLeod, Isaak Galipo, Zara Lee, Prin Dela Pena, Caitlin Hegarty, Lila Wirth, Jasmine Giddins, Simeon Edwards, TSHS Duet 5, ISC Saxophone Duo, Kyanna Wirth and Albina Niceforo,  received Highly Commended Certificates.

Giacomo De Faveri was awarded the Mary Zahra Award with the highest aggregate in three solo sections – Years 4, 5, and 6. 

De Faveri also won the Rachel Newcombe Encouragement Award for Primary Vocalist.

Albina Niceforo won the Bodnar Excellence Award for the highest aggregate in three solo sections – Years 10 and over.

Kalina Winiarski, who achieved the highest aggregate in three solo sections – Years 7, 8 and 9, was the recipient of the Beavon Family Award.

The Junior Accompanist Award was won by Louisa Winiarski.

Year 8 student, Jonathan Platz, was awarded the Ailsa Moyle Trophy and Bursary for the most memorable performance (other than choral).

The IYPCA Vocal Award for Secondary Vocalist (Year 7 and over) was won by Albina Niceforo.

Sharnalyn Edwards was awarded the George Kotzas Instrumental Award for Secondary Instrumentalist, whilst Lara Madin took out the George Kotzas Primary Instrumental Award.

A special Music Adjudicator’s trophy was awarded to Sofia, Louisa, and Kalina Winiarski. 

Zachary Scrivens was the recipient of the Parakas Family Trophy for the most entertaining solo from a stage musical/operetta.

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