22nd Column 2021

Both Tully State School and the St Clare’s All Stars put on a show for the crowd.

Well, it was a good thing that yours truly was left out of the Wet Tropics Times last week, because I did not have any positive choice words for our Queensland State of Origin team regarding the 2021 series at Lang Park last week. The truth is, when NSW scored the opening two tries and led at halftime, my TV was turned off for the rest of the night and my troubled Origin mind wondered if there was life beyond tomorrow for anyone supporting this Maroon team. Having seen our beloved State footy team getting their rear ends handed to them in such an embarrassing manner, it is now time we look to 2022 and see what changes are needed. 

First and foremost, Daley Cherry Evans will be playing his last game as Captain and half in Game 3 of the 2021 series, because his leadership and overall decision-making as our main dude has been the biggest non-event since Home and Away beat Neighbours in the ratings war. He has had a great run, and we do thank him, but don’t let the door hit you on the way-out man. 

Secondly, Paul Green, the Coach!  If Queensland do not obtain a victory in Game 3, then your hindy should join DCE in exile, because, quite frankly bro, you couldn’t coach a fish to swim. Your tactic of leaving Capewell in the centre for two games against Tommy Turbo and Latrell is the dumbest idea I have ever seen. Our forwards didn’t aim up, and Fifita, mate you stink. I wouldn’t pay you to make me a cuppa tea you idiot!  Hopefully, common sense prevails and our boy, Thomas Flegler, is given his maiden jumper. I like the idea of dropping Cotes and Feldt from the wing, as both looked more like first grade tossers. The idea to start Ben Hunt is a welcomed one, so hopefully we can score some points. If anyone in the greater Tully Metro area hear a flat screen TV getting thrown around next Wednesday night, don’t fear. It will just be me letting the neighbourhood know that Queensland has lost again.

Last Saturday night saw the Tully Tigers Rugby League Football Club do battle with the Gordonvale team, the Southern Suburbs, who came ready and took all from the Tully Showground. The 18s game was a tough match to swallow, and the Coach was lost for words when it came to fulltime in the dressing shed, but let me be the first to tell you, these boys will be back! It has been one of those unfortunate runs that usually accompany a team when they are doing well, but hang in their boys, the wins will come back soon enough. The Reserve Grade boys took the two points, with legendary half, Robert Ketchell, taking home the MVP award. It was great catching up with the brother, and hopefully it wasn’t the last time. Our A-grade boys fell short once again but can hold their heads up high. We have been close a few times, if anything this period will make us a strong unit. Our new imports were the standouts, but I want to reserve a special mention for Daley Rata Makene, who has taken on the role of leader in a time of hardship. Great player, but an even better bloke! Well done to the king of Tully State School.

Now to the Kenny Hamill Cup match between the St Clare’s All Stars and Tully State School, which provided an entertaining match, to say the least. Although proving too strong on the night with a resounding victory, the All Stars showed the crowd how to play with speed and strength. A massive congratulations to Man of the Match, Case Duro, for your outstanding game! I guess all of your talent comes from your mum. As my Tully State School players came back into the dressing room, not one had a look of defeat, but rather the satisfaction of being able to be a part of something that they will never forget. We had three players who had not played before and a special guest player who made a special appearance on the night, thank you Mr Logan Pacey. As the players gathered around for a group hug, I was reminded of why we started the KH Cup in the first place, seven years ago, and that was to honour the greatest Rugby League teacher this district has ever seen, my good mate, Ken Hamill, who has become my mentor over the years. And two, to give students the opportunity to run out of the tunnel and to play under lights in front of a big crowd. The smiles on some of their faces will stay with me forever and gives me the true reason why I love this game. Thank you to all of those behind the scenes for making this game possible, Sharon Chappell, Anthony Emmi, St Clare’s School, Tully State School, Feluga State School, Murray River Upper State School, Tully Rugby League, and, of course, the great man himself, Ken Hamill. Rugby League, the greatest never ending fairy-tale. 

A special shout out to Rugby League royalty and Canterbury Bulldogs legend, Peter Mortimer, who I had the pleasure of meeting last week. One of the most down to earth blokes you will ever meet, who loves nothing more than good company and a laugh. If you don’t know who the Mortimer brothers are in Rugby League circles, then it’s clear you have been living under a rock since the dinosaurs. Brother of Steve and Chris who both played State of Origin, Peter has been on holiday in beautiful North Queensland and, while he was here, he attended the Tigers match on Saturday night. He came down to the bench to say g’day to myself and President Emmi, and we have promised him we will send him a Polo shirt as soon as possible as a reminder of his night at the footy. Thank you to Siobhan Jackson and her partner for introducing Peter and his beautiful wife, Julie, to the footy clowns of north Queensland Rugby League. Safe travels and we hope to see you guys back in North Qld in the future.

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