Hi.  My name is Sari Hyytinen and my business the Cassowary Coast Independent News was started with the goal to look after the local area and to ensure that the people in our region continue to have a strong voice.

I was born in Tully Hospital and grew up in Tully which is a town that is part of the Cassowary Coast region and I look forward to seeing my area continue to grow and develop.

Our team members currently keep the business happy and happening.  They work in reception, advertising, production, editorial, media, and management.  We have an amazing team who have all shown me that they share a heart to give the voice back to our region.

Our mission as an organisation is to have a great balance in our reporting.  We would like to share what is happening for all the groups in our region.

We regularly get lots of verbal feedback from people informing us that they like our newspaper.

We currently have a circulation of 2000 newspapers and we have 1844+ likes/follows on Facebook.  We also have YouTube and Instagram pages. We are informed that people like our unbiased style and we have an excellent coverage of local events.

We offer advertising on our general news section and we have also got a trades and services page.  We have an amazing classified section in our newspaper and this is something that helps give a voice to individuals and their families as people often express their celebrations, events and their grief through this section of the newspaper.  

We would also like to make sure that we receive a variety of community opinions through our letters to the editor section.

We look forward to the future and all that we have to offer our area.